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The Crossroads team is an energetic group of PR professionals who create opportunities, solve problems and celebrate success together.

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When was the last time you really thought about your brand’s reputation and how it impacts your business? A brand's most important asset is its reputation. Our job is to enhance and protect that reputation.

We believe when you stand for something greater than your bottom line, people stand with you. Crossroads helps brands make a societal difference while meeting business objectives, which is paramount to sustaining relevance with today's busy consumer.

Crossroads has always been about creating real relationships with influencers. As the influencer space becomes increasingly crowded and flooded with paid opportunities, it’s easy to lose sight of the very thing that makes influencer marketing so effective: authenticity.

Being real also means Crossroads will seek objective methods to measure the impact we have for clients. Specific to influencer relations, that requires a balancing act of both art and science. We take a human centric approach to influencer relations designed to build lasting relationships with the people who talk about your brand. At the same time, we actively work to objectively measure the impact of our work to provide an ROI.

Often times that desired sphere of influence can come from the Crossroads network of influencers. Through our experiences we have established relationships with a number of influencers who come to us first. Our ever-expanding network of now more than 2,000 influencers is the starting point for any customized engagement.

People don’t interact with brands. They interact with other people. That means the people who represent your brand, whether at an event or on the other side of the email, should be genuine, engaging, and knows your brand inside and out. They should be an extension of your team and you should trust them completely to create a positive brand experience.

Finally, how we work on behalf of our clients sets Crossroads apart. We focus on building experiences for our influencers so they have an authentic interaction with our clients. The best content is one that is rooted in a true understanding of a brand’s products or services. Simply paying for a post will never result in the kind of engagement that Crossroads clients have come to expect.