Reputation Management


Crisis Management Today

Crisis Management is fundamentally different today and that’s in large part due to two forces. The growing influence of social media and the emergence of the millennial generation are both changing the way organizations and brands tackle crisis communication.

Crises continue to play out and even start in the social media space. Instead of days, you have hours, even minutes to respond to an issue. Everything has been sped up.

It all adds up to brands and organizations needing to properly prepare. When viewed in the appropriate manner, a crisis can become a great opportunity for your organization to emerge as a stronger force in the marketplace. But that takes the right kind of preparation and thinking through risks, messages and strategies.

Our Approach

A crisis is a major, unpredictable event that has potentially negative results. The event and its aftermath may significantly damage an organization and its employees, products, services, financial condition and reputation. Without a doubt, crises need to be understood and handled properly.

Real crisis management doesn’t begin when the crisis does. Real crisis management means a company has put in place the processes and procedures to manage a crisis before, during and after it occurs. Such an approach increases the company’s opportunities and decreases the danger.


CrisisTRAK is our crisis management program. It is a simple, straightforward approach to crisis management that will give your company the assurance that you are ready to communicate properly with the media and public as problems arise.