Influencer Relations

Launching A Brand Extension

Yoplait Frozen Yogurt

35 million
earned media placements
selling frozen yogurt


Yoplait made its debut in the freezer aisle in October 2012. Crossroads and an integrated team at Barkley were tasked with generating awareness of Yoplait’s newest product line among the brand’s target consumer, women ages 25 – 54. We needed to gain awareness of the product’s launch and ultimately encourage product purchase.


In our research, we learned that consumers who tried the product were surprised by their experience of the very first bite. It wasn’t just yogurt frozen, but a new taste experience altogether. We layered in the knowledge that our core consumer over indexes on fashion interests. She often spends more money than expected on fashion purchases, purchases clothes at the beginning of each season, and she loves to mix high and low end designers in her outfits. She also over indexes as a Project Runway viewer. The highly anticipated viewing and captive audience was the perfect platform to launch Yoplait Frozen Yogurt.

We turned the Yoplait Frozen Yogurt launch into an upscale, fashion experience by making its “First Bite Experience” a central character in a season of Project Runway. Establishing an in-episode integration with Project Runway not only allowed us to align with fashion, but also showcase consumers experiencing the product to demonstrate the “First Bite Experience” Yoplait Frozen Yogurt has to offer. The product was the focus of an episode challenge in Season 12 of Project Runway in which the teams were required to sample the frozen yogurt on Coney Island with strangers and capture their first bite reactions in the form of adjectives to be used as inspiration for their outfit designs in the episode. During the episode, we engaged consumers with live social media updates, continuing conversations about the product and commenting on the show. Additionally, watch parties were hosted in seven high impact markets. During the events, attendees sampled Yoplait Frozen Yogurt and were asked to draw their own outfit for a chance to win a larger gift, all tying back to the audience’s love of fashion. The entire program was also complemented by blogger and traditional media relations efforts.


Thanks to 35 million+ earned impressions, Yoplait Frozen Yogurt became the second best-selling frozen yogurt, meeting the primary objective to be a top five frozen yogurt brand in dollar sales within the first year on shelf.