Allyssa Kennedy

Account Director

Ask Allyssa Kennedy what drew her to PR and she’ll tell you storytelling. “Growing up on a farm, I realized how few people understood what my family did and why they did it. That lead to me discovering there are so many untold stories that could change the way people see the world.”

Allyssa kicked off her career at a Milwaukee-based agency before joining Crossroads, which is closer to her family in Pattonsburg, Mo. For nearly a decade, Allyssa has been telling the stories of brands in the agriculture, biotechnology, CPG, animal and human health industries. One of the most memorable tales she’s told involved interviewing a rodeo clown. Terrified of clowns, that’s not a sequel she’s looking forward to reliving.

Allyssa’s husband, Brendan, is a copywriter at a KC advertising agency. The two met while working together in Milwaukee.
Daughter Story is Allyssa’s pride and joy.