Joe Spencer

Account Manager

Originally from Kansas City, Joe has worked his entire professional career in Los Angeles until now. Prior to his homecoming with Crossroads, Joe has worked in the entertainment, travel and lifestyle spheres doing everything from working world premieres in Hollywood, staffing luxury hotel openings, conducting shoots with Snoop Dogg and even spent a morning on the roof of a Dunkin’ running an every hour on the hour news broadcast. Suffice it to say, he’s pretty much up for anything.

Joe graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and is now working all things influencer. Obsessed with pop culture, he is constantly consuming and analyzing new forms of content, even off the clock. He also considers himself a true foodie and is always trying to check out the new restaurants in town and cook up something new in his own kitchen. The spicier the better and that’s how he likes to work!

Loves meeting new people!
Always looking for a great new spot to take a cute pic!