Kara Koenig

Senior Account Manager

Kara Koenig is a cheerleader in every sense of the word. From a member of the Truman State University Dance Team to the No. 1 supporter of her agency teams, Kara brings a positive attitude and a “We Can Do It!” mindset to every project.

With a passion for writing, Kara uses her quick wit and detail-orientation to craft attention-getting pitches for a variety of influencers. Couple that with her likable personality and ability to build relationships with anyone and it’s a recipe for success, as proven by the story she recently landed for Hershey in USA Today.

A native of St. Louis, Kara started her career working at the Missouri Humanities Council before making the leap to agency life.

Favorite quote: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West
Kara got engaged on the agency’s rooftop; they say because of the views, we say because of her love for Collin AND Crossroads