Influencer Relations

Using Paid, Earned and Owned to Launch A New Product

Dairy Queen Cupid Cake

Sales exceeded expectations
155 percent increase
social media fan engagement
GMA, Huffington Post, Thrillist


Dairy Queen launched the new Red Velvet Cupid Cake, a limited-time offer available the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. This was the first shareable cake that DQ had ever designed for two people, making it the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a new and original way. Crossroads and partner agency Barkley were tasked with creating buzz around the new product, ultimately driving incremental sales of the new DQ Cupid Cake and pushing consumers to for pre-orders.


The Cupid Cake was an original product that broke the cliché of traditional, uninspired Valentine’s Day gifts. Creatively, DQ took aim at the most cliché offenders and set out to inspire America to be more romantic. First, DQ went after America’s biggest Valentine’s Day cliché – the jewelry commercial – by creating a parody TV spot. The parody took dead aim at the typical jewelry commercial while promoting the Cupid Cake as the answer to original gift giving.

It didn’t stop there. Taking it one step further, DQ made its iconic red plastic spoon featured in the commercial available for purchase, repackaging it in a traditional jewelry box, covered in red, velvet fabric. Additionally, all net proceeds from the spoon case would benefit Children’s Miracle Network, the DQ system’s cause-marketing partner.


Leveraging Valentine’s Day gift guides and roundup stories, sharing compelling survey data around Americans’ gift giving and dessert preferences and personalizing mailings to media across the country helped make the launch of the DQ Cupid Cake a sweet success. Sales exceeded expectations and more than 1,400 spoon cases were sold with all net sales benefitting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Additionally, more than 9.5 million impressions were earned thanks to placements in outlets such as Good Morning America, The Huffington Post and Thrillist. Nearly 50 local outlets mentioned DQ’s new Valentine’s Day offering and read their customized love poems. Finally, DQ saw a 155 percent rise in Fan engagement on social media during the campaign.